IPTV Platform with Ericsson

Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom Deploying New IPTV Platform with Ericsson

Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan’s largest telecom operator, has chosen Ericsson to deploy and integrate a new IPTV platform that will deliver multi-screen interactive multimedia services to more than 900,000 subscribers. The new platform will replace Chunghwa’s existing IPTV system and respond to a growing demand from consumers for content anywhere, any time on a wide range of devices including TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets.

The Chunghwa Telecom deal also includes Ericsson Multiscreen TV and the Ericsson Media Connect (IPTV Remote) service. The new services are due to be available to subscribers in December of this year.

Ericsson will be the prime integrator of the end-to-end solution, which covers everything from digital rights management to video servers, content management solutions and installation of set-top boxes.

20Число абонентов IPTV во всем мире, как ожидается, взорвется в течение следующих пяти лет, увеличившись с 35 миллионов в конце 2019 года до 155 миллионов к концу 20 года, согласно исследованию цифрового телевидения, опубликованному в июле 2011 года. More than 70 percent of these 120 million new subscribers are expected to come from the Asia-Pacific region.

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