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Microsoft Getting Into IPTV

Microsoft is working to make IPTV более удобным . Its newest update to the platform will give users more features and capabilities.

Mediaroom shows that the industry giant is dedicated to the consumers. This IPTV platform is promising to offer the consumer the very best options so that the experience will be richer and more personalized.

The new IPTV platform will offer picture in picture, networked media sharing, interactive services, and even supplementary digital terrestrial television support.

Microsoft is also offering a service that will allow providers and third-party developers to create applications. Many service providers (including giants like AT&T) have already signed up for the new release.

IPTV is being looked at by many companies as the next great frontier. Because of the freedom it gives users, it’s very likely true. Microsoft is poised to claim a large piece of the pie with Mediaroom.

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