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IPTV Software Companies

Activated Content 
Activated Content has developed the industry’s first comprehensive and practical watermarking solution for encoding identifiable, robust, inaudible and unique codes into digital audio.
Adtec Digital 
Adtec Productions Incorporated, now Adtec Digital, has been delivering innovative audio-visual solutions by the design, manufacture, sales and support of exceptional value digital video products, systems, and solutions.
AkoMedia’s core product – digital Interactive TV System (DITVS) is an comprehensive advanced interactive system mainly for IPTV. DITVS acts as a bridge between internet service providers and IPTV operators.
Alcatel-Lucent’s vision is to enrich people’s lives by offering end-to-end communications solutions. They are focused on enhancing client relationships and enriching the lives of people through communications.
Allin Interactive 
Allin Corporation is a Microsoft-focused solution provider that designs and develops enterprise-quality platforms and systems that provide the agility necessary to compete in today’s fast-paced business climate.
Amino Communications supplies the AmiNET™ series of high performance IPTV set-top boxes and gateways for deployment in the telecommunications, broadcast and hospitality markets.
amitm.com provides services in various professional fields for corporations, research institutes, governments, financial institutes, start-up companies, universities, educational institutes, etc.
Castify Networks 
Castify Networks™ provides end-to-end software solutions that enable enterprises and service providers to build scalable, easily managed, and cost-efficient service delivery platforms over the Internet and on Intranets.
Centile is a leading enabler of next-generation SIP-based services for converged Fixed-Mobile and multimedia applications, and allows operators to offer unique value-added and cost-effective new multimedia services to both the business and consumer markets.
The CodeBaby Virtual Agent platform can be integrated into a broad variety of devices and networks, including web sites, applications, eLearning systems, mobile devices, digital TV, and self-service kiosks.
Corpus, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is a CMMI level 5 assessed IT solutions provider for business entities.
Digisoft.tv has one aim, to create a total solution for Interactive TV that allows Broadcasters, Telecoms, Content Providers and Information delivery companies to utilise this new channel to market.
Elecard is a leading provider of software and hardware solutions implemented on MPEG-2 and AVC/H.264 video compression technology.Elecard now offers advanced and cost-effective IPTV solution SIGMA iTV. The IPTV product line comprises AVC/H.264 encoders, VoD and TimeShift servers, DVB-IP streamers and IP-DVB encapsulators, set-top-boxes.
Epitiro is the UK’s leading Customer Experience Management (CEM) Solutions provider for Wireline Internet Access Services … a trusted authority on Internet Performance Benchmarking & Competitive Intelligence.
Espial Group, Inc.
Espial IPTV middleware controls the overall viewing experience by managing IPTV applications, TV and video, along with subscriber interactions between the set-top box and the network.
EzHomeTech open software platform is same as PC Windows, Apple Mac OS X, or PC Linux X-Window. But, EzHomeTech open software platform is especially for embedded devices. 
Harris Corporation
Harris puts the “TV” in IPTV and Mobile TV with solutions for headend video processing, encoding and media management, test and monitoring, branding and graphics, advanced advertising, personalized and local content.
ITonis provides video solutions and services for video content owners and video content distributors, facilitating the distribution of video content by providing an electronic channel for distribution based on on-demand services.
Latens pioneered and developed a unique software-based security system, upon which next-generation Conditional Access is based. Headquarters and main development center is in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
MatrixStream Technologies, Inc.
MatrixStream provides an end-to-end HD IPTV home theater solution for IPTV providers that works over the Internet. Their revolutionary XMS streaming technology works over IP networks without QoS and is fully scalable.
NetUP, Inc.
The IPTV hardware-software complex, developed by NetUP, is a complete IPTV solution including a full range of components intended for rendering of TV or video via IP.
Northport AB
Northport advanced software architecture gives a future proof access to new easy to use services, adding competitive advantage and generating new revenue streams.
Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Prakash is a technology driven business solution provider to meet business strategy requirements of our clients. Our flexible business practices enable our clients to operate more efficiently and produce more value.
Skyline Communications
DataMiner is the leading and awarded multi-vendor network management for complete end-to-end management of IPTV ecosystems.
SPL Innotech
SPL Innotech is a multimedia research and development technology company that offers end-to-end (vertically integrated) solutions for telecommunications, digital infotainment and television industries.
Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.
Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of on-demand transaction management solutions to the communication service provider (CSP) market. Our proprietary ConvergenceNow™ software platform enables CSPs to take, manage, and provision orders and other customer-oriented transactions and create complex service bundles.
StreamUnlimited provides SW Applications for Set Top Boxes to differentiate.
Tamblin is a software development company based in London, UK. Their primary product suite, i-ZoneTV®, is a content publishing and template management software solution developed for the TV broadcast industry.
Our business is based on the common denominator “true and professional video” and we are driven by the mission to deliver professional video applications – making Teracue AG the partner for both BROADCAST and VIDEO-NETWORKING solutions. Teracue’s products, solutions and end-to-end systems have a record of performance, security, flexibility and reliability.
Telchemy’s VQmon technology enables service providers and major enterprise to monitor and manage the performance of Voice over IP, IPTV, Videoconferencing, 3G / 4G mobile and other real time services.
Wipro Technologies
Wipro Technologies is a global services provider delivering technology-driven business solutions that meet strategic objectives. Wipro’s ‘Centers of Excellence’ create solutions around specific needs of industries.

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