Amino Selects Celeno Wi-Fi for Connected IPTV STBs Worldwide

Amino has selected Celeno to provide a range of wireless products that complement Amino’s range of award-winning IPTV STBs.

Celeno’s OptimizAIR technology will help Amino offer whole home Wi-Fi networking robust enough for HD IPTV distribution, multi-room DVR and Over the Top video and Video on Demand consumption anywhere in the home.

Amino and Celeno will offer the following wireless solutions in the market place:

  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet bridges powered by Celeno’s CL1830 SoC to wirelessly enable after-market IP STBs, including the Aminet A130, A140 and A540. These powerful bridges will enable whole-home wireless PVR functionality, allowing the consumption of centrally stored content anywhere in the home.
  • Wi-Fi/USB dongles powered by Celeno’s CLR250 chip to wirelessly enable after-market IP STBs to receive HD IPTV and OTT content.

Amino recently announced it would enhance its entire IPTV product range with OTT capability to deliver a richer, more dynamic entertainment experience for consumers. All Amino devices now provide operators with the ability to offer a compelling mix of broadcast, on-demand, and content from the open Internet including social media, gaming and applications.

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